Tissue donation figures 2021 – DGFG expands tissue donation despite Corona

Despite the Corona pandemic, the German Society for Tissue Transplantation (DGFG) has once again succeeded in further expanding tissue donation and supplying more patients with corneas, heart valves, blood vessels and amniotic membranes: with the help of the total of 2,897 tissue donations realized, the DGFG was able to provide more than 7,000 patients with a tissue transplant last year, including 4,145 with a cornea. This means that DGFG more than doubled the number of tissues donated for transplantation in the past ten years (2011: 3,143 tissues donated). The pandemic is also apparently ensuring a high level of solidarity among the population: 42 percent agreed to donate tissue.

Quelle: IDW Informationsdienst Wissenschaft